Made in Norway

Distributor in the UK: BOSS ORV


A co-pilot for workers on the move

Whether you personally operate a machine or manage an entire fleet, the Paxster Connect App ensures you remain in full control of every aspect of usage and ownership. Equipped with cutting-edge features designed to simplify ownership,  improve reliability, enhance worker safety, and provide actionable information right at your fingertips.

Key features

  • Real-time updates: Get live notifications on potential issues and tips to optimize vehicle usage.
  • Custom alerts: Set notifications tailored to your preferences.
  • Enhanced safety: Automatic alerts activate during a tip-over or crash. Set up notifications for key contacts.
  • Rapid response: Ensure prompt assistance for peace of mind.
  • Confident operation: Operate securely, knowing you are looked after.
  • Maintenance management: Handle all service needs through the app.
  • Easy booking: Schedule maintenance appointments efficiently.
  • Enhanced communication: Engage in detailed dialogues with workshops.
  • Controlled approval: Role-based permissions for approving service requests.
  • Route visibility: Detailed trip logs showing driver and route information.
  • Data logging: Access extensive trip parameters for deeper insights.
  • Performance insights: Real-time analysis of driver behavior and vehicle performance.
  • Custom alerts: Receive notifications when vehicles enter or exit designated areas.
  • Location-based settings: Set vehicle performance by location or time.
  • Safety limits: Implement speed restrictions within specific zones.
  • Regulatory compliance: Adjust parameters to meet local legal requirements.
  • For the curious: Instant insights into vehicle performance and system health.
  • Proactive maintenance: Receive real-time updates on vehicle health for timely interventions.
  • Expert support: Instantly connect with Paxster Connect’s aftersales team in Norway.
  • Remote diagnostics: Receive immediate help to swiftly address issues.
  • Workshop assistance: Specialists support workshops with tailored advice.
  • Deep understanding: Rely on a team with profound vehicle knowledge for effective solutions.
  • Flexible checklists: Maintain HSE compliance with daily, weekly, or monthly checklists.
  • Customizable checks: Use standard or tailored checklists for thorough compliance.
  • Service requests: Quickly generate service requests for failed inspection items.
  • Internal approvals: Ensure all service activities are properly vetted and aligned with requirements

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We receive daily reports on power consumption and CO2 emissions, allowing us to actively monitor and reduce our environmental footprint.

The system sends push notifications if any vehicle is not charging at day’s end, ensuring readiness for the next day.

As an employer, it’s reassuring to know that daily checklists are performed and that I’m notified if a vehicle is used without a submitted checklist.

We utilize geofencing to enforce speed restrictions in designated areas, enhancing safety. Once on the road, vehicles operate at top speed.

The triplog offers easy access to usage history, with a cool feature that allows us to view “bumps” and other route parameters using a slider.

In the event of a vehicle tipping over or a crash, as a manager, I receive instant information about the driver’s location and status.

Complimentary for one year on all new purchases.

Own an old Paxster? Fully retrofit and easy installation.

Compatible with any type of vehicle in your garage.

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Download the app from your preferred provider and start exploring today. Don’t own a Paxster vehicle yet? No problem! You can still experience the app using demo data to see all its features in action.

Paxster is a Norwegian manufacturer of electric multi-utility vehicles for all-season proffesional work and mobility. Preferred supplier to Norwegian Post for more than 10 years. 



Lease en elektrisk arbeidsmaskin fra Paxster Utility. Startleie i eksempelet er 32 700 kr ekskl. MVA. Leieperioden strekker seg over 5 år og ubegrenset kilometer. Flytende nominell rente på 9,15% og et etableringsgebyr på 4 790 kr påløper. Månedsbeløpet for leien er 1 494 kr, inkludert et termingebyr på 95 kr. Totalprisen for hele leieperioden vil være 127 119 kr.