Made in Norway

Distributor in the UK: BOSS ORV

Agile and versatile

The trusted worksite expert for any environment

Ideal for campuses, parks, ports, equestrian centers and more. Its compact design offers exceptional maneuverability and surface protection. Enjoy easy access, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility. Beeing road-legal and eco-friendly, it’s perfect year-round and compatible with various equipment for all your site’s needs.

Top speed

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True range
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Product highlights

Mains power on-the-go

PaxPower transforms your vehicle into a powerful energy bank, running tools and equipment up to 3kVa such as pressure washers, welding machines or chargers. 

Flexibility for your gear

Use the FlexiRack PRO and FlexiMount to carry tools, equipment, and materials. 100% customizable to meet your specific requirements.

The art of accessible design

Effortless access with a low, narrow floor and comfortable handlebars, ensuring a smooth entry and exit experience.

Desined to safeguard delicate surfaces

Protect delicate floors in places like indoor arenas, turf, greenhouses, and manufacturing plants with its lightweight design and open differential.

Innovative rear bed design

Explore the spaciousness of Paxster’s rear cargo bed, featuring an optional electric tip for convenience. With removable and stackable sides, it perfectly accommodates a standard pallet, offering substantial flexibility for various load requirements.

Safety and comfort you will love

To enhance safety and comfort, the Paxster utility vehicle includes a three-point seat belt (no helmet required), ultra-low center of gravity, tilt bar for tip-over protection, and a comfortable seat equipped with an integrated kill-switch and automatic parking brake.

72 miles per gallon

With the equivalent of one liter of diesel (10 kWh of energy, similar to our battery), the eCompact achieves a true range of 72 miles with mixed driving conditions.

  • The extruded profile is the foundation of the system, offering infinite possibilities.
  • Customize endlessly: move, cut, add, or remove profiles as needed.
  • Attach anything, anywhere on the profiles with our unique FlexiMount M6 threaded insert. 
  • Complete the FlexiRack PRO with standard attachments and holders. 
  • Sturdy construction for reliable support.
  • PaxPower converts the vehicle to a large, powerful energy-bank. 
  • Power small tools to large equipment, it runs everything up to 3kVa from standard outlets.
  • Made possible with a robust 10kWh lithium battery for extended usage.
  • Access mains power wherever you go.
  • Advanced motor and drivetrain technology minimizes energy usage.
  • With the equivalent of one liter of diesel (10 kWh of energy, similar to our battery), the eCompact achieves a true range of 72 miles with mixed driving conditions.

  • Maximized energy utilization ensures extended range.
  • Longer drives with zero environmental impact.
  • Spacious rear cargo bed 1057 x 857 mm. 
  • Detachable tailgate and rigid sides. 
  • Detachable and stackable sides to hold a standard pallet. 
  • Waterproof plywood floor for wear-resistance.
  • Front cargo platform in plywood with easy access for storage.
ecompact ergonomisk design
  • Low and narrow floor facilitates quick and easy entry / exit. 
  • Handlebar acts as natural, comfortable handles when going on and off. 
  • Easily reachable seat from entry and exit position, ensuring a comfortable experience while going in and out.
  • Intuitive interface: Minimal buttons and switches for easy operation.
  • User-friendly design: Suitable for users with minimal training.
  • Efficient maneuvering: Familiar MC-type interface enhances navigation in narrow spaces.
  • Enhanced visibility: Full 360° overview from the driver cabin for better sight of the work area.
  • Built-in safety: Includes a 43.5-degree tipping point and deformation zones.
  • Secure seating: Features a 3-point safety seat belt for occupant protection.
  • Smart safety: Utilizes collision- and tilt-detection systems via Paxster Connect for added security.

Key product highlights

Explore how the eCompact features equip UK professionals for agile, versatile performance on and off the worksite.

Protect delicate floors in places like indoor arenas, turf, greenhouses, and manufacturing plants with its lightweight design and open differential.

Stay road legal in the UK and EU with our vehicle’s compliance to all necessary regulations. Perfect for on-site work and road transport between sites, drive with confidence knowing you’re meeting all the required standards.

Experience the perfect solution with our 100% electric, silent, and emission-free vehicles. They provide eco-friendly, noise-free transportation, ideal for maintaining a peaceful and clean environment in any setting.

Carrying out your maintenance tasks with great conviction, even in the winter.

Streamline navigation in tight spaces, ensuring seamless maneuvering through narrow passages and crowded environments. Ideal for efficiently handling tasks in compact settings or busy operational sites.

The eCompact’s compact size leads to lower energy consumption, significantly cutting operational costs and reducing environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice for budget-conscious businesses.
Capable of smooth operation in enclosed spaces such as equestrian centers, greenhouses, and factories, maximizing maneuverability and efficiency where space is limited.

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Add the tools and equipment you need.

Product videos

Ultimate adaptability

Explore the versatility of the Paxster utility vehicle’s front and rear hitch system, compatible with a wide range of equipment from Iron Baltic and Logic Today (UK) for diverse tasks.

Multi-surface mastery

Master different conditions with the Paxster utility vehicle—engineered for superior performance on asphalt, grass, gravel, dirt, and snow


Designed in Norway and trusted by the Norwegian Post for over a decade, Paxster utility vehicles excel in winter conditions, ensuring reliable operation through the toughest weather.

Ergonomic excellence

Engineered with ergonomics at the forefront, the Paxster utility vehicle optimizes every aspect for ease of use and comfort. From the driver’s seating position to the strategically designed pickup bed height, experience unparalleled operational comfort

Agile access: Paxster’s unmatched maneuverability

With its narrow-body design and class-leading turning circle, the emission-free Paxster utility vehicle offers unparalleled navigability, reaching every corner of the worksite more effectively than any competitor.

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Explore Paxster Connect

A co-pilot for workers on the move: delve into the future of utility-vehicle connectivity with Paxster Connect. 

Paxster is a Norwegian manufacturer of electric multi-utility vehicles for all-season proffesional work and mobility. Preferred supplier to Norwegian Post for more than 10 years. 



Lease en elektrisk arbeidsmaskin fra Paxster Utility. Startleie i eksempelet er 32 700 kr ekskl. MVA. Leieperioden strekker seg over 5 år og ubegrenset kilometer. Flytende nominell rente på 9,15% og et etableringsgebyr på 4 790 kr påløper. Månedsbeløpet for leien er 1 494 kr, inkludert et termingebyr på 95 kr. Totalprisen for hele leieperioden vil være 127 119 kr.