Made in Norway

Distributor in the UK: BOSS ORV

Introducing eCompact Air

Same great features, bold new look!

Same great features, now with a bold new design. This is the all electric vehicle you’ll proudly own and eagerly show off. Perfect for various tasks at sites, municipalities, equestrian centres, parks, industrial areas, and beyond—it’s designed to impress and built to perform.


Launch offer - save 2620 GBP !

Order before October 1st!

Order before October 1st and save 2.620 GBP on a fully-loaded eCompact Air! In addition to the vehicle’s superb features and functions, you also get the following accessories included:

Price: 16.995 GBP excl. VAT

The offer is valid from July 9th to September 30th  2024 and applies only to new models. If you have any questions, would like to book a test drive or place an order, please contact Boss ORV.


A sleek design you'll proudly show off

Halo LED lights

Cast a welcoming glow with our halo LED front lights, crafted for a soft yet assertive appearance. They provide optimal illumination while projecting a stylish, approachable vibe that enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal

paxster ecompact air halo led lights
paxster ecompact air front trunk

Spacious front trunk

Explore the elegance of our front trunk, blending sleek design with utility. Its discreet storage enhances both your vehicle’s appeal and your journey

Dynamic and elegant handguards

This feature not only protects but also adds a dynamic edge to the vehicle’s design, beautifully connecting the front trunk and handlebars for a bold, cohesive appearance. Its also a great place to put extra LED-bars. 

paxster ecompact air handleguards
paxster ecompact air front trunk

Rugged elegance

Define your journey with our dark grey alloy wheels and robust Mudrage tires. This duo combines durable performance with a sleek, sophisticated look, ready to take on any road with style.

Eco-Smart design

Select from our 100% recycled Black Reviewe for profound elegance or our pristine Brilliant White. Elevate their dynamic design with our signature Sunset Orange livery, adding a bold, sporty flair.

paxster utility air front bullbar

Strength & style

Enhance your vehicle’s presence with our front bullbar, designed to elevate the overall design with a sense of rugged capability. It’s perfect for mounting extra lamps, combining aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

Top speed

0 mph
0 kg
True range
0 mile

Thrilling drives that enhance work efficiency

paxster ecompact air robust tires

Responsive and smooth power

Enjoy a crisp, responsive feel with power and performance tailored for practicality at work. It offers a snappy performance that’s smooth yet energetic, perfect for everyday driving and task completion. 

Peaceful, quiet precision

Enjoy the quiet efficiency of our electric vehicle’s silent drive. This feature enhances your focus and productivity, enabling you to execute work tasks with minimal noise and maximum calm.

Unmatched panoramic overview

The superior 360-degree view ensures you stay aware and confident, perfect for precise maneuvering and enhanced safety on any job.

Unlimited headroom

Experience dynamic driving with our ATV-style open-air cabin, connecting you directly to your surroundings. This design offers a profound sense of liberation, enhancing your sense of adventure with every task completed.

Not sure if it fits your needs?

Just 11 quick questions to discover which Paxster models best suit your professional needs. Click here to take the test now and see how Paxster can optimize your operations.

Custom options designed for peak work capability

Versatile hitch system

Utilize our square hitch system at both the front and rear, allowing for a variety of attachments. This flexibility enables you to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently and effectively, enhancing your work capability.

Push-Tube system and 48v winch

Expand your vehicle’s functionality with our push-tube system and powerful 48v winch. This combination extends its capability to carry and manage equipment such as plows, snow blowers etc, making every task more efficient and manageable.

Robust on-board power

Power your tools and equipment with PaxPower, delivering up to 3000 watts of onboard electricity. Whether you’re on a job site or at the beach with an ice cooler, this feature ensures you have the energy you need wherever you are.

ecompact air inverter onboard power

Smart storage solutions

Spacious cargo bed

Utilize the large, ergonomically designed cargo bed, made from robust metal for durability. With an optional electric tip and the brilliant FlexiRack PRO system, it ensures safe transport and easy access, perfect for organizing all your tools and materials.

Secure side pockets

Keep your personal belongings safe with our smart, lockable side pockets. Spacious and easily accessible from both outside and the driver’s seat, they offer a convenient and secure storage solution.

paxster utility versatile front trunk

Versatile front trunk

Access your front trunk effortlessly with a large front dash lid. The internal floor, made from waterproof XF, easily adapts to various transport and storage needs, providing versatile and reliable storage solutions.

Comfort-focused ergonomics

paxster ecompact air go easy in and out

Swift access

Experience the ease of swift access with our intuitive design. Get on and off the vehicle seamlessly, with no barriers to navigate. This feature ensures you’re always ready to roll, combining convenience with a touch of elegance

Comfort and control

Enjoy the comfortable handlebars featuring minimal switches and intuitive controls. With a bold design and optional Oxford heated grips tailored for Paxster vehicles, you get a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication

Comfortable for YOU

Ride in comfort with our fully adjustable seat, designed for excellent side support. Crafted from waterproof and wear-resistant material, it’s built to withstand rough use and all weather conditions, ensuring a smooth journey every time.

Paxster is a Norwegian manufacturer of electric multi-utility vehicles for all-season proffesional work and mobility. Preferred supplier to Norwegian Post for more than 10 years. 



Lease en elektrisk arbeidsmaskin fra Paxster Utility. Startleie i eksempelet er 32 700 kr ekskl. MVA. Leieperioden strekker seg over 5 år og ubegrenset kilometer. Flytende nominell rente på 9,15% og et etableringsgebyr på 4 790 kr påløper. Månedsbeløpet for leien er 1 494 kr, inkludert et termingebyr på 95 kr. Totalprisen for hele leieperioden vil være 127 119 kr.