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paxster utility at equestrian center

Fredrikstad Riding Club adopts Paxster Utility for smoother equestrian maintenance

Fredrikstad Riding Club has recently made an exciting shift in how they manage daily tasks at their facility. With the acquisition of a Paxster Utility, the club has taken a significant step towards more efficient, practical, and sustainable operations, especially regarding the maintenance of their riding arenas.

paxster utility inside equestrian center
The Paxster works just as well indoors as it does outdoors

From diesel tractor to electric quad

Previously, the equestrian club used a tractor for various tasks, including harrowing the riding arena. This was often inconvenient and impractical. However, with the new Paxster, they have discovered a simpler, more practical, and far more environmentally friendly way to maintain their facilities. Terese, one of the managers at the equestrian center, explains how easy it is to use the Paxster for harrowing:

“The major advantage of this vehicle is that we can manoeuvre smoothly around and get right up to the barriers without damaging them, which eliminates the need for manual re-adjustment of the edges.”

Terese Troy, Fredrikstad Riding Club

Extremely easy to adopt

Immediately after the Paxster was delivered, the club began using it to harrow the riding arena and even to run errands from the shop. This demonstrates the vehicle’s flexibility and utility. It was extremely easy to start using the Paxster, and it is expected that more people will use it for various tasks at the equestrian center.

The Paxster Utility works excellently for harrowing the riding arena at Fredrikstad Riding Club

Plans to use Paxster for grass cutting

In the longer term, Terese envisions equipping the Paxster to also cut grass, which would further expand its range of uses. Fredrikstad Riding Club seems to have found a solution that not only simplifies the maintenance of their riding arenas but also contributes to a more streamlined and efficient day-to-day operation for everyone at the equestrian center. The Paxster Utility has truly proven to be a valuable addition to the club’s equipment park.

fredrikstad rideklubb harver ridebanen med paxster utility
Fredrikstad Riding Club is very pleased with their Paxster eCompact.

Paxster is a Norwegian manufacturer of electric multi-utility vehicles for all-season proffesional work and mobility. Preferred supplier to Norwegian Post for more than 10 years. 



Lease en elektrisk arbeidsmaskin fra Paxster Utility. Startleie i eksempelet er 32 700 kr ekskl. MVA. Leieperioden strekker seg over 5 år og ubegrenset kilometer. Flytende nominell rente på 9,15% og et etableringsgebyr på 4 790 kr påløper. Månedsbeløpet for leien er 1 494 kr, inkludert et termingebyr på 95 kr. Totalprisen for hele leieperioden vil være 127 119 kr.