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Distributor in the UK: BOSS ORV

Paxster Utility warranties

At Paxster Utility, we understand that purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment, and we are committed to ensuring your peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty coverage. Our warranties are designed to provide robust protection for your vehicle, reflecting our confidence in the quality and durability of our products.

7 year battery warranty

5 year private warranty

3 year commercial warranty

Key warranty details

We stand by our commitment to deliver exceptional service and uphold the promises we make to our customers.

Our warranties are designed to protect the key components of your vehicle. Here’s what’s included:

  • Parts Covered: All except consumables. 
  • Labor Costs: All labor costs associated with repairs or replacements are covered.

We strive to make our warranty process as smooth and efficient as possible, leveraging our network of authorized dealerships to provide you with quick and reliable service. To file a warranty claim, follow these steps:

  • Visit your nearest dealership: Locate your nearest authorized Paxster Utility dealership. You can find a list of our authorized dealerships on our Dealership Locator page.
  • Provide necessary documentation: Bring your proof of purchase and a detailed description of the issue to the dealership.
  • Claim Processing: The dealership will handle the claim process directly with us, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Repairs or replacements will be conducted promptly to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

For further assistance, our customer service team is always available.

To keep your warranty valid, ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly at our authorized service centers. Maintain detailed records of all services performed.

The Utility-vehicles require only an annual service. 

Our warranties are transferable to a new owner if you decide to sell your vehicle.

Please contact us to initiate the transfer process, or handle the process from A-Z directly in the Paxster Connect app

Our warranties do not cover:

  • Damage from accidents or misuse
  • Normal wear and tear items such as tires and brake pads
  • Modifications made outside authorized service centers

Our warranties

For our private customers, we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty on all new vehicles, underscoring our dedication to delivering reliable and long-lasting utility vehicle solutions. 

Commercial customers benefit from a substantial 3-year warranty on new vehicles, ensuring your business operations remain smooth and uninterrupted.

Recognizing the critical role of battery performance in your vehicle’s reliability, we provide a 7-year warranty on batteries for both private and commercial new vehicle purchases. 

This extended coverage guarantees that your vehicle’s power source is protected, allowing you to drive with confidence.

We extend our commitment to quality with our used vehicle warranties. 

Private customers receive a 2-year warranty on used vehicles, while our commercial clients are covered for 1 year. 

This assurance allows you to purchase with trust, knowing that even our pre-owned vehicles meet stringent standards.

For used vehicles, the battery warranty is 3 years for private customers and 1 year for commercial customers.

This coverage ensures that the essential components of your vehicle continue to perform optimally, even in pre-owned models.

We warrant a minimum SOH of 80%. 



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Paxster is a Norwegian manufacturer of electric multi-utility vehicles for all-season proffesional work and mobility. Preferred supplier to Norwegian Post for more than 10 years. 




Lease en elektrisk arbeidsmaskin fra Paxster Utility. Startleie i eksempelet er 32 700 kr ekskl. MVA. Leieperioden strekker seg over 5 år og ubegrenset kilometer. Flytende nominell rente på 9,15% og et etableringsgebyr på 4 790 kr påløper. Månedsbeløpet for leien er 1 494 kr, inkludert et termingebyr på 95 kr. Totalprisen for hele leieperioden vil være 127 119 kr.